Bob Antoshak

With more than 30 years of experience in the fiber and textile industries, Bob Antoshak has worked on behalf of clients in over 50 countries. He has held analyst positions with the Fiber Economics Bureau as editor of the Fiber Organon, American Fiber Manufacturers Association as Director of International Trade, American Textile Manufacturers as Associate Director of International Trade, Trade Resources, Inc., as President, Werner International as Vice President. In addition to an extensive background in textile market research, strategic planning and forecasting, Bob has strong experience in trade negotiations and worked as a FBI-cleared industry advisor to the U.S. government on numerous bilateral quota trade agreements, NAFTA, the MFA, and the WTO.

As Managing Director of global apparel leader Olah Inc.,  Bob oversees the firm’s global cotton marketing and consulting programs.

How did you get involved with the Nashville Fashion Alliance (NFA)?

After reading about the NFA, my wife, Rosemary, encouraged me to contact Van Tucker.

What is your role with the NFA?

I’m on the Board of Directors and am Co-Chair of the Infrastructure & Economic Development Committee.

What do you think people should know about the regional fashion industry?

Nashville is a terrific alternative to the design and production centers of New York and Los Angeles. Nashville offers a good local workforce, low business costs, a strong economy, central location, improving infrastructure, and a vibrant creative community.

Do you think Nashville is poised to be a player in the global fashion industry?

With a large local design scene, deep ties with the music industry and reasonable cost of living, Nashville has and will continue to attract textile, garment and retail firms. Nashville has strong potential to capture a significant share of the re-shoring of textiles and apparel.

What are the biggest opportunities/barriers that the regional fashion industry faces? 

The NFA has already done a good job of promoting local companies to the global industry and the design community has carved out a highly visible role in the global fashion scene. To build on that success, the local industry will increasingly look to add textile infrastructure in the form of more cut-and-sew, dyeing, finishing, and textile production. Local textile production will only strengthen the design community. It will take time, but with persistence the effort will pay off.

How would you describe your personal style?

A jeans, sport coat and collared shirt guy.

How would you describe Nashville's style?

Barista coffee, premium denim and a good pair of boots.

When you're not working, what are you usually doing?

Smoking cigars while reading and writing about history, politics and the economy.

What's the one item in your closet you can't live without? 

My washed, black selvage Imogene + Willie jeans. Looks effortless, but is timeless in its look and feel. 

Abby White

Abby White is the development director for MTSU's College of Media and Entertainment and a contributing editor to Nashville Scene and Nfocus magazine. She can usually be found in her uniform of a Beg and Borrow boyfriend shirt, Minxx leggings (or I+W jeans if she didn't eat too much cake that day) and her beloved Peter Nappi blue suede shoes.