Amplifying the fashion industry. 

The NFA mission is simple…to build the regional fashion industry by amplifying early stage fashion businesses with an ecosystem of support and resources.

Why Should I Join the NFA?

One of the greatest values of being an NFA Member is becoming part of an organized, united community. When asked in our 2018 survey, our members responded that our most important value proposition is providing connections and access to business resources.

When we come together, we can accomplish so much more than any one individual or company ever could. Every individual membership counts towards growing our collective capabilities. Together, we will build a lasting, thriving fashion industry in our region.


  • A community that has your back. The NFA community is highly collaborative and adheres to a “rising tides lifts all boats” mentality. That takes shape in the form of members advocating for the advancement of our industry to public officials, being willing to grab a cup of coffee to brainstorm, and many more activities.

  • Promotion of your new collections, sales, and events. We post, share, talk-up, etc., our member brands via all of our NFA channels. Check out our posts and following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get a feel for our sharing. Want to learn more? Take a look at our posting guidelines.

  • #ShopNFA on our website. Last year, we had over 15,000 unique visitors to our website, with #shopNFA being the most visited section. We continue to promote #shopNFA as a means for consumers to learn about and to shop our member brands.

  • #SourceNFA on our website. We recently added #SourceNFA, a page dedicated to sharing the trade supply and support services offered by NFA members. We often provide direct advice to members to allow for more informed business decisions.

  • Access to our online member directory. You can get contact information for each of our members in one, easy-to-search directory.

  • Job Board posting. On this second-most visited section of our website, members have the ability to post their open positions, or post their resume when job hunting. We frequently have qualified candidates with experience reach out to us for information about open positions. We send them to the Job Board.

  • Members-only events, professional workshop discounts, mentor and resource access. We hold educational workshops throughout the year and we make connections to business resources for members.


Annual Rolling Enrollment. (For example, if you join in August, membership will renews the next August.)


Professional membership is for ALL individuals that own or operate a business or work full time in the fashion industry. This includes professionals and companies working in design and development, sourcing and logistics, trade policy and compliance, to retail and marketing and everything in between. Examples include apparel and accessory designers, brands, retail, apparel and textile manufacturers, importers, fashion photographers, wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup stylists, models, etc. In this category, you are ALL IN and will receive all membership benefits currently offered.

Annual Business Revenue

Less than $250,000                 $150 per year for 1 membership (+ $50 for one additional individual)   

$250,000 - $1,000,000            $250 per year for 2 memberships  

$1,000,000 +                             $500 per year for 4 memberships


Affiliate members are public, private, or non-profit organizations or individuals that provide goods or services to the fashion industry. Affiliate membership also includes individuals that are interested in supporting our mission, but do not own or work in companies that focus full time on the fashion industry. 

Individuals                                   $150 per year 

Companies/Institutions               $500 per year for 2 memberships


Students enrolled full-time in an educational program are eligible for Student membership. Students receive access-only to the NFA Job Posting Board, Membership Directory and Calendar with limited event access. 

                                                       $25 per year