Manuel | Fashion Merchandising and Showroom Assistant

Full time - Monday-Friday 9-6, 1 hour lunch break, 2-15 minute breaks. 


- Check calendar (review with Manager as needed)
- Check voicemail messages (return phone calls or give to appropriate recipient)
- Count petty cash drawer/any change needed?, make sure amount equals petty cash reconciliation sheet (always under $15)
- Desk needs to be clean and presentable at all times
- Sweep/dust outside entry way at front door/windows
- Windex doors and all mirrors, dust any other areas needed (display cases, windows, racks, fitting rooms, etc.)
- Tidy showroom: make sure items are displayed neatly including windows, fitting rooms are clean and clear of items
- Check bathrooms and break room for cleanliness and stock of items
- Sweep/mop when needed (bathrooms, entire showroom/couture room/fitting room, hallway, backroom)
- Check and reply to social media messages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
- Check and reply to emails
- Greet and assist walk-in/scheduled appointment clients
- Answer phones in a professional manner
- Monitor and fill any online order (website, Etsy, EBay, etc.)
- All items in showroom must have a price tag with correct price
- Submit any mail, completed invoices, custom orders, and batch reports to Manager

- Deep clean
- Price, photograph, and measure any new showroom pieces (some weeks you may need to price them to get in showroom the day completed then pull them to take photos and measure)
- New showroom and custom pieces need to be reviewed for quality and lint rolled before shipped/placed in showroom
- Photograph any custom pieces (DO NOT post on social media or website until client exposes first)
- Upload and update new inventory on Google Drives and
- Suzani Boots, Curvy Girl Ranch, Betty Badd Couture, JKulor: Update sold and new consignment inventory on Google Drives and individual sheets (this needs to stay updated times, always keep track of what consigner takes out and brings in showroom/you will need to sign and approve inventory sheet before they are leaving)
- Post 2-3 times per week on all social media sites (get fans involved with interactive posts)
- Line up social media posts for the next two weeks (Facebook can log posts two months prior to post date)
- Post and approve with Manager any urgent/additional social media posts
- FedEx package drop-off/dry-cleaning drop-off and/or pick-up

- Re-merchandising showroom on specified weeks or as directed by Manager
- Update news and print sections on
- Upload and pay posting fee of new items to Etsy and EBay
- Prep for showcases or large events including events outside of showroom
- Event marketing on social media (Manager will specify other duties needed)
- Submit the last retail day of each month Petty Cash reconciliation to Manager
- Make inventory list for Manager
- Schedule monthly window cleaning (preferably before/during display changes)
- Monthly walk-in sales goal of $15,000

- Phone messages: always ask what it is regarding, get phone number, and full name of person
- No one is allowed to loan or borrow pieces from showroom (contact Manager for approval, loan policy MUST be filed out completely including signed invoice with list of items and total amount - NO EXCEPTIONS, get copy of ID and credit card listed-double and make sure written down correctly)
- Petty cash can never exceed $150,00 in the front (a deposit to Manager must be made)

- Give Manuel his AM and PM medication as needed, take blood pressure and sugar levels, then record on health sheet (call Manager if needed, see Health Sheet for full details)
- ask Manuel if anything needs to be ordered from suppliers; if needed record on Supplies Ordered sheet
- Always update Manuel on the calendar if appointments are set or items are due (may need to be reminded an hour before appointment arrives)