Nisolo | Peru Director of Operations

Nisolo is seeking a Director of Operations to work with its primary supplier in Trujillo, Peru. The primary objectives for this position include each of the following: Work alongside the General Manager to prepare for scale, engineering strategy and executing in each of the following three primary areas: 1.) creating greater operational efficiencies 2.) implementing cost-savings techniques 3.) increasing production capacity. Develop and execute, in a permanent way, the strategic plan of the company through the supervision and control of operative departments. Guarantee a high level of service, with deliveries that are on-time, precise, and at the agreed upon price. Optimize processes and performance, creating information that is timely, trustworthy and truthful.

About Nisolo
Nisolo is a sustainable fashion brand that produces footwear and accessories for women and men. We are an early-stage, E-Commerce company composed of smart, driven teammates committed to excellence and strategically improving our work. We are passionate and compassionate, ambitious and pragmatic and work together in pursuit of the common goal to grow a healthy, household name brand and push the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction.




  • Coordinate with management to organize and implement the optimal distribution of responsibilities in operations.
  • Review the daily and weekly reports of each department, supervising the problem solving process
  • Propose and supervise the implementation of strategic changes (i.e. change of factory, new work shifts, etc.).
  • Create and provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly operations reports.
  • Supervise production planning according to the client’s priorities.
  • Supervise client communications to guarantee precise and punctual order arrival.
  • Supervise the coordination between quality control, production, logistics, and engineering to ensure the development of new products and their successful entry into production.
  • Inspire and motivate all employees by way of training, proactive communication, and guiding by example with the desire to explore new ideas and create a positive work environment.
  • Ensure the creation, implementation and control of appropriate policies and procedures.


  • Supervise and control the production process to ensure that company objectives are achieved in quantity, quality, and costs, so that the final product arrives to the client at the agreed upon time and quantity.
  • Plan, coordinate and implement growth strategy.
  • Increase productive capacity and efficiency in quality control, logistics, engineering and production, collaborating with the finance and human resources departments.
  • Supervise the planning of space and capacity.
  • Supervise production planning with the Head of Production, while maintaining communication with the client and General Manager.
  • Supervise the implementation and use of SAP or equivalent ERP system
  • Ensure follow up of health and safety norms with the necessary teams.


  • Prioritize and implement investments to increase production capacity with a long term vision.
  • Supervise preventative and corrective maintenance.

Sourcing and Quality Control

  • Supervise the sourcing department, ensuring the provision of materials with punctuality, high quality, and minimum cost.
  • Supervise the quality control team, define goals and promote a focus on prevention.



  • Directing the delivery of results and goals, with excellent analytical, and indicator management skills.
  • Ability to direct and integrate work teams, leadership and people development.
  • Creativity, innovation, proactivity and motivation to be part of a growing company.
  • Adaptability, comfortability with uncertainty and problem solving skills.
  • Capacity to work under pressure.
  • Share and demonstrate company values: unity; responsibility and commitment; good communication; continuously improve; and passion, positivity and celebration.
  • Planning and organization capacity, and ability to improve work methods.
  • Emotional intelligence and self-awareness.



  • Work experience: minimum of 5 years in similar positions (leadership or management) in large or growing consumer goods manufacturing company. Leather footwear or accessories preferred. .
  • Proven track record of demonstrable success in the following three areas: 1.) creating greater operational efficiencies 2.) implementing cost-savings techniques 3.) increasing production capacity.
  • Knowledge of engineering, financial management, productive processes, and business  administration.
  • Bachelor or equivalent certification in Industrial Engineering,  Business Administration, or similar careers. Masters degree preferred.
  • Familiarity  with technology and IT: knowledge of Microsoft Office, accounting systems and SAP or equivalent ERP system.
  • Education or work experience in Latin America. .
  • Advanced Spanish language skills required; Native Spanish speaker preferred.
  • Intermediate English or better preferred.



Compensation for this role will be defined in accordance with the experience of the selected candidate.

How to apply?

Please send your updated CV and a cover letter (explaining why you are interested in the position and company) to and with the subject line “Director of Operations.”