Entry/Associate Level Marketing

Hello, I’m Mikeala Suchocki, and my interest in fashion can be traced back to my childhood. Therefore, after completing my BBA in Marketing at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater it only made sense to enter the MSc International Fashion Marketing course at Coventry University in London. Here, I realized the need for more disruptive forces in the fashion industry to stimulate a positive impact on the environment and human rights. 

In London I was exposed to a variety of positions in fashion consisting of assisting a Brooklyn based company while abroad, working backstage at London Fashion Week, consulting with various brands through coursework, and most significantly a three-month internship with a high-end fashion rental start-up. I have enjoyed work involving research and strategy implementation but consider myself to be flexible and can also offer a creative edge. I will provide examples of my work upon request.

I am seeking related full-time positions in Nashville beginning in October of this year. For additional information, please get in touch.
Email: mikealasuchocki@gmail.com 
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikealasuchocki/