Technical Designer/Design Assistant/Seamstress

Hello, my name is Ashleigh Cain and I recently graduated summa cum laude from O'More College of Design with a major in fashion design. I received the Distinguished Designer Award for my senior thesis in which I used roadkill as an ethical fur source to create outerwear. At O'More I gained extensive knowledge in technical design, pattern making, construction, and so much more. My passion is sustainable design and at my time at O'More I completed two internships with the local businesses Ona Rex and ABLE. At Ona Rex I helped construct garments, cut patterns, worked in shipment, and assisted at photo shoots. With ABLE I interned in the product development department where I created tech packs, designed mood boards, researched sourcing, and preformed quality control. My time at O'More, Ona Rex, and ABLE has given me the skills to be an asset in many facets in the industry. I am searching for employment in the Nashville area as a technical designer, design assistant, and/or seamstress. Thank you so much!