Wardrobe/ Editorial Stylist Summer 2018 Intern

Name: Logan Wilson

Email Address: wilslm22@wclive.westminster.edu

Title: Wardrobe/ Editorial Stylist Summer 2018 Intern

Description: I am currently a Junior at Westminster College, Majoring in Marketing and Minoring in Fine Arts.With the degree I receive I am looking in pursuing a career as a Wardrobe Stylist. Having a background in Marketing allows me to understand fashion from a self promotion level. Pairing this degree with a Fine Arts minor allows me to pair my artistic vision with the way a client hopes to portray themselves. These degrees together also allow me to understand fashion from not only a functionally beneficial standpoint but an artistically creative standpoint as well. 

I have experience in dressing mannequins for a women's boutique as well as dressing a client for a music video shoot and dressing clients for photo shoots. 

I am currently looking for experience so it is not required that the internship be paid.