Description: My name is Mary Messer, and I believe I can make a lasting impact on the Fashion Industry here in Nashville, TN.

I come from a career made in New York City, and have worked in almost every aspect of the industry for the past 7 years-from design, production, styling, sales, to merchandising. I have a huge passion for this industry, and believe each level brings its own unique challenges to the table. 

When I left New York, I was a designer for mens and ladies leather belts-working for the industry giant Global Brands Group, formerly Li and Fung-one of the largest licensing companies in the global fashion industry. I handled every area of my product's lifecycle-from initial design, sample making overseas, negotiating prices, setting retails, and presenting at market week to the buyers. My main accounts were Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Frye, Buffalo Jeans, and Guess.

I'm so excited for the potential of this city- I can almost see its evolution before my eyes into a fashion hub of not only the designer talent, but the homegrown infrastructure of skilled workers, machinery, and production capabilities that can take dreams to reality. I want to be involved, from the ground floor up, and help in any way I can to make this idea possible. Nashville has an amazing opportunity, with the economics behind it, to be a driving force in the fashion community, and I cannot wait to be apart of it.