Product Development, Design and Sourcing Specialist

Name: Tamela VanValkenburg

Email Address:

Title: Product Development, Design and Sourcing Specialist

Description: I am seeking employment in the apparel, accessories or home good markets.

I believe that I can significantly contribute to your company’s efficiencies; growth and overall profitability based on my knowledge and experience in the apparel and decorated product industry. I am a seasoned professional with 24 years of career experience, encompassing positions and responsibilities in the following areas (I have been around the block a few times): 
Product Development & Design
Fabric Sourcing & Development Trend & Color Forecasting Apparel Sourcing & Manufacturing
Product Marketing & Brand Development
Sales & Client Management
Creative Direction, Art Direction & Graphic Design
Catalog Layout & Design Product/Model Photography & Styling My success throughout my career is my understanding of the product development cycle and my ability with to work with and within a team to adhere to timelines and development cycles, while managing this process with suppliers, buyers and clients. 

I understand the importance of well-developed products that are “fashion-right”, but I also understand the need for developing products that are “revenue generators”. I work productively and gracefully under pressure, and I quickly adapt to changing situations, maximizing efficiency while minimizing costs. Additionally, I have well-developed communication skills demonstrated through successful interaction with clients, co-workers, and staff, and the ability to establish and maintain professional relationships. With any situation I take a leadership role and an entrepreneurial spirit. I bring "ideas" to the table. 

A little over a year ago I took the risk to start my own business with 3 partners and an investor. In the last two weeks we made to decision to dissolve our partnership and redirect the business.