Brandology - Sales Execution

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Brandology - Sales Execution


One of six videos from the Nashville Fashion Alliance's 2017 Brandology speaker series. 

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About Brandology 2017

Selling is a critical part of every business’ success, yet the thought of “selling” strikes fear in the hearts of many creative business owners: fear of overselling, fear of rejection, fear of seeming like a used car salesman. The most effective sales people know that selling is a process of listening, empathy, and telling your story in a way that it resonates so fiercely with your targeted customer that they become your greatest sales tool. That was the idea behind June 2017’s Brandology: The Study [Art] of Sales

Many people think branding is a great logo, imagery, or tone of voice. All of those are an important part of a brand, but it is not a brand strategy. A great branding strategy permeates every aspect of a business. Each year, Brandology will address specific areas of creative businesses that help to align your company’s actions with your brand promises. Brandology is about a better understanding of the process coming from people who have walked the walk.

Last year’s event was both inspiring and interactive, not just a day of talking heads. Our speakers prepared the audience to walk away with tools and exercises that will help them to better understand how to up their sales game. 

This Video

This video features Parker Gates, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of stoke.d, who provides us with some insight into Design Thinking and how it can help you empathize with your customer.

All of the Brandology Speakers (Additional Videos)

  • Nate Fleming // Co-founder of redpepper, who speaks to “Why Humans Do What We Do,” a discussion on 12 Archetypes.
  • Gavin Ivester // An Independent Consultant who brings targeted focus to your brand through defining your mission, vision, values, and culture.
  • Karen Fairchild Westbrook // Founding Member of Grammy-winning group Little Big Town and Designer and Owner of Fair Child, in conversation with Libby Callaway of The Callaway, who discusses the power of storytelling in the music industry and how that can apply to fashion companies.
  • Travis Gravette // VP Business Development of Nisolo who knows that following through to sales execution is where many companies fall short. Travis helps us understand the importance of specific sales tactics that align with your brand strategy.
  • Liza Graves // Co-Founder at who speaks to the importance of focus & consistency. How can we ensure that we move our customers through the process of selling without compromising our integrity?
  • Parker Gates // Co-CEO and Co-Founder of stoke.d, who provides us with some insight into Design Thinking and how it can help you empathize with your customer.