Refresh feat. Liz Hodder

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Nashville is blessed to be a creative vortex – it seems that this place attracts makers, dreamers, doers and inspired folks of all mediums. We at the NFA want to make this a place for that to flourish! Of all the places designer Liz Hodder has lived, including New York, Los Angeles, and Berkeley, she can attest to the fact that Nashville is a good place to get your creative mind right. Though she had lived here for a while in the 90s while involved in the music industry, her return to Nashville in 2014 was for keeps. “As I settled into my new life, I discovered the amazing creative community that was here. It wasn’t just music anymore, and not that it was only ever music, but creatives of all sorts were consciously moving here. I was thrilled,” she said in a recent conversation. 

As a designer and multi-disciplined artist, Liz’s work often incorporates paint, clay, paper, and of course, fabric. “For the past 2 years, I have been digging textile design. This process naturally led me into designing clothes. At this point, I am learning volumes everyday,” she said. Her kaleidoscopic patterns involve layers of processes to achieve their vibrant results. “My designs for clothes are very straightforward, the designs on the fabric are not! I think the simplicity of the clothing or object is a nice juxtaposition with the color and design of my fabrics.”

For Liz, much like many of the members we’ve heard from in recent blog conversations, the community of creators in the NFA is an amazing resource. She said, “I find the events that NFA offers are important for me. I am able to network, meet other designers and artists, and I am beginning to feel part of a community. There are so many talented people who are forging out on their own. I spend a lot of time on my own making, therefore, I enjoy any opportunity I can reach out and learn from others, and of course, have some fun.”

The learning process is something that the NFA takes very seriously, particularly for designers. Whether it is learning techniques for construction, dyeing, or digital patternmaking, or skills on the business side of things like bookkeeping, how to have an intern, or maximizing social media, the NFA tries to offer a variety of opportunities to grow. In May, NFA Members are invited to attend a Google workshop on How to Grow Your Business Online. The class will cover the basics of how customers find your business online and how to promote your online presence with methods like search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising. It will also introduce tools to help you run your business online, including Google Analytics and GSuite. (The class is free for NFA Members, but please RSVP to Stay tuned to the NFA calendar, newsletter, and social media throughout the year for more learning opportunities, workshops, and member gatherings! 

If you don’t see Liz at one of our member hangouts, you can find her and her beautiful pieces at the Five Points Street Market on Mother’s Day Weekend and American Artisan Festival in Centennial Park June 15-17.