Refresh feat. Gavin Ivester

Refresh Gavin Ivester.png
Gavin Ivester

During the month of April, we’ll be discussing refreshing and resetting your mind, your practices, and your wardrobe – and we will also be revisiting the benefits of membership with the NFA. As some of you may have seen on social media recently, we are celebrating an all-time high number of active NFA Members! We’re 400 strong and growing! That’s 400 designers, brands, trade specialists and fashion enthusiasts who believe that we are capable of achieving more together than we are individually.

This moment of celebration inspired us to look back over our membership roster and reach out to some of our standout folks. Our members each have a story to tell about what the NFA means to them and how the member benefits have specifically impacted their lives.

When newcomers ask us why they should be a member of the NFA, our response typically begins first with the answer, “Community.” Board member and first-week-joiner Gavin Ivester agrees wholeheartedly. “Nashville has such a rich mix of creatives and a fantastic culture of collaboration— it’s part of being a Nashvillian to help your neighbors,” said Gavin in a recent conversation. Gavin’s rich background in global brand development and consulting gives him a very broad perspective on good neighborliness. He is passionate about the community that is developed and supported by the NFA not just because of Nashville’s deep bench of talented individuals, but because they are working together toward a common goal. He said, “It’s the perfect place for the world’s next fashion capital, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.”

Of course, close-knit communities don’t take over the global fashion industry overnight, and Gavin recognizes that. “I joined [the NFA] because I’m passionate about elevating and growing the fashion industry in this place I love. … But it needs a push. From all of us.” That push will look different for everyone: from intentionally purchasing from local designers and makers, to joining the NFA to lend your or your company’s expertise to the pool of resources that we represent. We hope that you, dear reader, will join us in refreshing your commitment to the NFA.

Stay tuned for discussion of all of the amazing NFA member benefits with other makers, designers, and wonderful human beings who are part of this rising tide in the Nashville Fashion industry!