An Update From NFA Board Chair Libby Callaway and NFA CEO Van Tucker

NFA CEO (Van Tucker) and NFA Board Chair (Libby Callaway) photographed by  Brett Warren  for  Nashville Lifestyles .

NFA CEO (Van Tucker) and NFA Board Chair (Libby Callaway) photographed by Brett Warren for Nashville Lifestyles.

The NFA Board of Directors has been hard at work on long-term, strategic initiatives that will be monumental to the success and growth of our regional industries. We’re currently laying the groundwork for a business plan for FAIR (Fashion Accelerator Innovation Resource Center), advocating for the regional industry in Washington, DC, and more. We know these initiatives are crucial to the long-term success of emerging fashion companies — and we’re excited to share them with you.

However, we know that you’re thinking: “That sounds fantastic for the future, but what are you doing to help my business to grow now?” That’s why the focus of the 2017 NFA Board Retreat in July was on ways to provide more value to members now while we’re still working towards those longer-term initiatives.

At the retreat, we broke into groups focused on the five tenets of the NFA: production, education, support, connection, and promotion. We came back with nine total initiatives that were sourced from feedback we’ve collected from members in multiple settings. Now, we are aggressively vetting the member-sourced and Board-tweaked initiatives to test their viability. We’ll move forward with the ones that make the most sense.

We plan to prioritize these based on what’s most pressing for members and what the NFA, as a fledgling organization, can do to a degree that makes the initiatives truly beneficial for members as soon as they’re running. We will be swift in our planning and execution, but we will not move forward with specific initiatives if we can’t do them well. Your business’ success is too important to us to take that kind of risk.

Our ultimate goal would be to have the initiatives that make it through the vetting round to be up and running as soon as humanly possible. We want to provide more value for you now.

Now, the fun part. Here are the initiatives that the NFA Board members are taking the charge to vet with the help of the NFA Staff:

  • Member ambassador program to connect members 1-on-1
  • NFA Board of Directors mentoring program
  • Matchmaking professional services and brands
  • Video versions of all educational content
  • Database for small batch production
  • Educational content about production
  • Member feature/takeover of NFA Instagram per week
  • Online and printed map of NFA Member Stores
  • Nashville Fashion Bus Tour for tourists and locals

As always, we thank you for your engagement, especially to those of you who provided the incredible ideas that these initiatives are based in. We can’t wait to update you on our progress. Stay tuned.


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Libby Callaway

NFA Board Chair


Van Tucker