The Voice of a Community

Our community sent a loud and clear message earlier this year with the successful funding of our $100,000 Kickstarter campaign…the fashion industry is an emerging economic driver in our area.

The NFA is a community driven organization developed and organized through collaboration, research and careful thought about the initiatives and programs that will ensure our fashion industry survives and thrives outside of New York and Los Angeles. This has been the most magical process -- and something we do not take for granted -- to see a community come together for common purpose.

Our hope is to incubate brands in a way that allows them to emerge and stand tall on the global stage. We are a trade organization focused on advocacy, economic development, shared resources and education for the benefit of our entire eco-system. But this is a creative economy. We must always strive to balance art and commerce. While there is certainly no shortage of creative talent in our area, there is a need to provide access to industry resources so that our creative talent can build sustainable businesses. This is our first priority.

We are community driven and industry focused. As we launch our membership campaign, we hope you will considering joining in our mission and encourage others to join. There is power in numbers. Power in unity to speak and act as an industry force.

In the coming months, we will be asking members of our community to blog in this space about the importance of the NFA work. We hope you will find their words and their work inspiring.